What We Do

FrogBox is the convenient, affordable and eco-friendly alternative to cardboard moving boxes.

Frogbox eco-friendly frog carrying moving box



Help make your Clients' move less stressful -They will love using FrogBox and will thank you for the referral to our service.  

  1. Listing Agents -Offer your Clients FrogBox service if they list their house with you.
  2. A unique closing gift idea for Realtors: Are you tired of gifting the same champagne bottles and fruit baskets at closing? Stand out from the crowd by offering gift cards to FrogBox.

Contact us for more information on our Realtor Gift Card Program

FrogBox Mission: To reduce the stress of moving on our customers and the Earth


FrogBox delivers sturdy, stackable, and reusable plastic moving boxes to your clients' home or business and then picks them up when they’re done moving.  FrogBox moving boxes are reused hundreds of times versus cardboard moving boxes, which typically last for two uses, making FrogBox a better alternative for the environment.  

Show your Clients that you care and promote FrogBox as your moving supply of choice.