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FrogBox is the convenient, affordable and eco-friendly alternative to cardboard moving boxes.

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Moving Tips

House Moving

Wouldn't it be nice to move a home as-is? 

For most people moving is a highly stressful event. Just the thought of the thousand things that need to be planned and coordinated can be overwhelming. The following moving tips shall help manage the disruption of your everyday life to get you through your move sane and sound while keeping the environmental impact of moving as low as possible. FROGBOX Moving Boxes help with both, and we wish you a stress-free move!

Moving Tip #1: Prepare

As early as possible, sort through your belongings. Put aside items you haven't used in a long time, that have lost their meaning or are no longer needed. Start in the attic, basement, garage, storage - then do the rest of your home will seem like a walk in the park.

Moving Tip #2: Reduce

Sell what you no longer use or want. Plan a yard or garage sale about two weeks before your move and consider postings on online services such as eBay, Craigslist, Kijiji, Buy&Sell to sell more valuable goods or to offer free items. Add pictures - they help selling your items faster.
Donate items such as clothes, toys, electronics or furniture to a local mission-based re-use thrift shops, such as Salvation Army or Value Village.
Recycle electronics, cardboard, batteries, plastic, metal, bottles and other items at your local recycling depot.
Discard the rest of what you don't want or need in your new home. Call a local junk removal service that will pick up a larger volume of stuff fast, often on the next day. Preferably select a company that recycles and donates as well.

Moving Tip #3a: Choose the right Moving Company

Consider using a mover that is licensed, bonded, and has a great reputation. We hear back from our customers which moving companies provided them with excellent service. Call or email us for a list of trusted movers in your area.

Moving Tip #3b: Rent a Van or Truck

If you are moving yourself and locally, consider renting an eco-friendly van or truck that fits your moving goods well so you don't need to make too many trips which saves time, money and fuel. The fewer trips you take between your old and new home, the smaller your carbon footprint. Or, for both local and long-distance moves, you may choose a larger truck making sure everything fits in comfortably and are done with just one trip.

Moving Tip #4: Get Packing

Start packing the non-essential items in your home, room by room. Use labels to clearly mark the contents of each box and the room they belong to in your new place.
Make a list of the breakable items you’ll want to move personally, and begin to organize them into one area. This may include art work, glass, china, lamp shades. Wrap them with recycled packing paper, or if it makes sense, use towels and blankets from your home.

Moving Tip #5: Green Cleaning

When cleaning your old and new home, use green cleaning products to protect your health and help the environment. You can also hire a professional green cleaning company or an eco-friendly carpet cleaning firm to help you with the cleaning job.

Moving Tip #6: New Address Notifications

Make a list of institutions, organizations, businesses, subscriptions, memberships and people that need to be notified about the address change and date. Arrange in time for mail forwarding with the post office or online - it takes a few days to be in place. Some services may have to be cancelled, others need to be changed to the new address. Make appointments with the new local service companies for, for instance, phone, cable and internet. Send a blanket email to all friends in your email address book.

Moving Tip #7: Important Papers, Medication, Contacts, Keys

Keep anything important for all family members - documents, passports, medication, contacts, keys etc. - in one briefcase or small suitcase at a central location in your home and make sure you know where it is all the time.

Moving Tip #8: Healthy Snacks and Drinks on Moving Day

Moving can be exhausting, not only physically, but emotionally. Fuel your mind and body accordingly by stocking up on healthy snacks and drinks for the big day. Organic fruit, veggies, and whole grains are all great choices, and lots of water.

                           Happy Moving!