About Us

Our Mission is to minimize the stress of moving
on our customers and the Earth.

Frogbox eco-friendly frog carrying moving box

If you own or operate a reputable moving company

We Want to Meet You!

We work closely with moving companies to provide a full-service moving box solution to our customers.

Although we get asked it all the time, we are not a moving company. However, our business works closely with moving companies all over North America. Our cross-promotion and business relationships with Movers yield numerous benefits. Among them are:

  • Referrals –Being that our service is often the step that comes before booking a mover, our customers frequently ask for trusted referrals. We keep track of our customers feedback on Movers and refer our customers to the best Movers in town.
  • Providing the eco-friendly options that your customers demand –a partnership with the North American leader in reusable moving boxes, reflects very positively on the values of your business.
  • Leave the moving boxes and packing supplies to us – We know that providing boxes is not your core business and only a fraction of your revenue stream. Let us make sure the customer has stackable, easy to load boxes and clear labeling so that we can help you provide efficient service and increase the satisfaction of your clientele.



Contact us at: movers@frogbox.com to discuss qualification for our Movers Program.  Please include your webpage and city that you operate in.