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We are revolutionizing the way North America moves and our customers and the press have a lot to say about it.

Frogbox eco-friendly frog carrying moving box

Review from Tim S., Vancouver BC

FrogBox is a simple service, well-executed. You need boxes? They got boxes: big, solid (but lightweight), plastic affairs. They'll drop them off at your old pad, you pack and move them, and then they swing by the new place to take 'em back. They'll make drops on the weekend and at convenient weekday hours. The drivers are friendly and efficient, and can show up on pretty short notice.

The FrogBox guys are smart enough to ask for Yelp reviews a couple times in their follow-up customer satisfaction survey, which I think explains why they have so many: not just shenanigans!

Give them a look if you don't have time to look for cast-off boxes and won't have a place to store purchased cardboard boxes from e.g. Uline; it'll be the lowest-drama part of your move.

Tim - thanks so much for your kind words. We aim to please!