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We are revolutionizing the way North America moves and our customers and the press have a lot to say about it.

Frogbox eco-friendly frog carrying moving box

Here is a selection of local and national press that FrogBox has received: 

Doug Burgoyne Frogbox

Frogbox had secured financing from celebrity investors on the CBC television show Dragons’ Den not once, but twice. The little company had expanded to 19 franchise outlets, and Burgoyne was busy building a solid company while bettering the world.

Then the unthinkable happened.

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Profit Guide - October 2011

Find out why FrogBox has a two-year revenue growth of 753% 
and is ranking at No. 14 on the PROFIT HOT 50 list.

Financial Post

W. Brett Wilson discusses his experience with FROGBOX since investing in the moving box company on CBC's hit show Dragons' Den

The Globe and Mail

National Canadian Newspaper writes about FROGBOX bringing eco friendly moving boxes to the US

Entrepreneur Magazine names FrogBox as one of 10 ‘Hot Startups’

CBC - The National

In July 2011, FROGBOX was featured nationwide on CBC's THE NATIONAL.
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CBS Interactive Business Network BNET Profiles FROGBOX Seattle Partner Jeff Hill.

FROGBOX Vancouver GM Mathieson McCrae and Office Manager Erika Schinzel are interviewed for Shaw's Express TV.  Watch the video:

The Vancouver Observer - issue September 10, 2011

FrogBox entrepreneur Doug Burgoyne leaps from one business success to another. Just three years after inception, FrogBox have 19 locations and plan to expand into over 50 U.S. cities in the next two years. 

Vancouver Sun

Vancouver firm FrogBox slays Dragon's Den and adds investors.  Entrepreneur wins investment from popular television reality show

Startribune - issue August 20, 2011

FrogBox reinvents the cardboard box

FrogBox is hoping to make a business out of helping people move, with sturdy, clean plastic boxes that can be reused hundreds of times. Ben Cowan, a local entrepreneur brought his company FrogBox to the Twin Cities. 

Costco Connection read by 8 Million people in the US and Canada

FROGBOX wins $250,000 Marketing Prize from Leo Burnett

Toronto Star Moving Boxes Made Easier

Everett Herald profiles FROGBOX Moving Boxes in Puget Sound

FROGBOX, On the Path to Greatness

First media hit for the newest FrogBox city! HALIFAX NS!

FROGBOX is working on a partnership with Shift, a new tricycle-based delivery service for Vancouver's downtown core.

Winnipeg Free Press - 12 July 2011


A dragon nudges FrogBox forward. Boston Pizza guru aids new city franchise.

Frogbox, Daily Exchange


Kitchener - As summer has finally arrived, so has the moving season, with renters and home buyers beginning the traditionally painful process of packing and moving. This season, movers have a smarter option in moving boxes that are affordable, eco-friendly and delivered to your door.


SNAP Kitchener/Waterloo captures the festivities at the grand opening of FROGBOX in the area.  Try FROGBOX instead of cardboard moving boxes.  

Yes, indeed, those ARE FrogBoxes ! Watch the Show and count the number of times you can spot them !

Matt Harbut talks to the Isthmus about beating the recession and bringing a FROGBOX franchise to Madison, WI.

NBC15 Madison

FrogBox partner, Matt Harbut, speaks to NBC15's Sunday morning co-host Amy Carlson about a new way to move in Madison WI.

Watch the video:

A new company has “moved” into Ottawa this fall, providing savvy consumers with a new convenience-oriented and eco-conscious way to move house. FrogBox, which originated in Vancouver in 2008, began with a simple yet effective idea – provide environmentally friendly, affordable, and convenient reusable plastic boxes for home owners and businesses to rent.

Douglas Magazine Cover

Check us out in Decembers edition of Douglas Magazine!

FrogBox Winnipeg hops onboard to support the Manitoba Herps Atlas Project, in celebration of Earth Day and Save the Frogs Day!

June 20, 2012: Eco-friendly company offers helping hand to local events.

July 15 2012: Lögberg-Heimskringla Issue 14 ""Hammering Harry and Thor's Hammer!" Check out the full article and photo on our Flickr Page, too.

August 1, 2012: FROGBOX Winnipeg, an Associate Member of the Eco-Network, offers 20% Discount to Member Group staff and Individual Members of the Eco-Network.

September 8, 2012 Environmental Leap: FrogBox finds fans in Winnipeg!

September 15, 2012 Follow Small-Town Boy into the Dragons' Den

Hugh Cairns: Eco-friendly, reusable plastic moving boxes

Subject 2 Home Inspections Blog  : Eco-friendly, plastic moving boxes can be used over and over again, and unlike cardboard boxes, they don’t have to be broken down and transported to the recycling yard - saving you time and money, and I think that’s just plain smart.

Be the frog and hop oon the green moving trend.

This week in Spotlight on Business, we were lucky enough to interview Rob Durie at FROGBOX. An environmentally-friendly moving supply company, FROGBOX deliverers large, green, easily-stackable containers to you when you move, retrieving them when you’re finished.

If their boxes look familiar, you might recognize them from Dragon’s Den. On the show, all of the investors liked FROGBOX and two invested (here’s the clip).

Not a fan of the show, but the boxes are still familiar? If you’ve ever worked in the back room of a store or a warehouse, you’ll notice that FROGBOX uses the type of hard-shelled boxes favoured by people who have to move a lot of inventory all the time. To me, renting the sorts of supplies that the pros use makes a lot of sense. The boxes are eco-friendly, sturdy, and you don’t have to make desperate, repeated trips to grocery stores and LCBOs to find them.

FROGBOX is a franchise, which means that when I sat down with Rob I was talking to the Ottawa region’s one and only director. He tells me that his ability to make moving less stressful for his customers is what makes his job worthwhile; it’s why he’s willing to work at this all day, every day. At Kickit we love that kind of passion, and it’s great to see that Rob’s commitment is paying off. FROGBOX, as a company, is growing quite quickly; they are now in 22, soon to be 23 cities, in Canada and 3 in the USA.


How did FROGBOX get started?

FROGBOX began in 2008, and I started my franchise in 2011. The company was started by a man named Doug Burgoyne. Doug was tired of his job in communications and had the idea to repurpose the boxes that he used commercially. FROGBOX was started in Vancouver. As an environmentally-conscious city, it was open to the idea of the business. The name FROGBOX comes from local frog preservation efforts. Franchises started spreading after that (with 15 in business when Dragon’s Den took place) and the rest is history.

As for myself, I was also looking for a change of pace, too, when I opened my franchise. I had a job that I could have stayed in forever, but I needed more than that. I partnered with Peter Hauderowicz of the company PODS and started Ottawa’s FROGBOX location.

What motivates you?

I like seeing people happy, and our customers are usually very impressed with our services. Moving is difficult, and my job is to make it easier. If a customers needs me there at 10 am, I’m there at 10 am, rather between the hours of 10 and 8 like other companies are. If they need to reschedule, we can do that, too. It’s about making the move easier.

In the entire two years I’ve been doing this, I’ve never had any negative feedback. After our customers use FROGBOX, we ask them to fill out a satisfaction survey online. They tell us that our location in Ottawa is 93% successful at what we do; the company overall is at 90% success.

What’s your marketing strategy like?

At FROGBOX we rely heavily on word of mouth. Our presence on Dragon’s Den really helps. So does providing quality service – people will recommend you to their friends. It’s also always a good idea to try and provide service to people who are in a position to do you a good turn in exchange. For instance, I helped a local realtor with a move, and she recommended me to her clients. Networking like this is beneficial to everyone – customers and companies alike.

In general, we try to do things that are free as often as possible. When the company was started out Vancouver, this meant using Craig’s List. In Ottawa, we use Kijiji and other free services. We like Google Docs, too. As a company, we believe in working locally and without creating a negative environmental impact, and working in this way helps us with our goals.

What advice would you give to a start up? 

Find something that you want to do and do it well. You’ll never know what you’re missing until you try.

And last but not least, what’s your best moving tip?

Save some stress, use FROGBOX!

Manitoba Movers

Professional Property Managers Association of Manitoba announces 2014 Awards of Excellence: FROGBOX Winnipeg honoured to receive OUSTANDING COMMUNITY SERVICE!

Doug Burgoyne Frogbox

Frogbox had secured financing from celebrity investors on the CBC television show Dragons’ Den not once, but twice. The little company had expanded to 19 franchise outlets, and Burgoyne was busy building a solid company while bettering the world.

Then the unthinkable happened.

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