Frogbox Buzz

We are revolutionizing the way North America moves and our customers and the press have a lot to say about it.

Frogbox eco-friendly frog carrying moving box


There's a lot of buzz around FrogBox, and with our appearance on Dragon's Den, lots of people are saying lots of nice things. Here are some highlights:

In the Press

Profit Guide - October 2011

Find out why FrogBox has a two-year revenue growth of 753% 
and is ranking at No. 14 on the PROFIT HOT 50 list.

The Globe and Mail

National Canadian Newspaper writes about FROGBOX bringing eco friendly moving boxes to the US

Entrepreneur Magazine names FrogBox as one of 10 ‘Hot Startups’

Customer Reviews

" FrogBox is a simple service, well-executed. You need boxes? They got boxes: big, solid (but lightweight), plastic affairs. They'll drop them off at your old pad, you pack and move them, and then they swing by the new place to take...
" We used FROGBOXES to help move our supplies from our downtown office to the location of our event. They were incredibly useful and made our packing experience quick, easy and environmentally sensible - given that we weren't using...
" This is definitely the way to go if you're moving--no buying or scavenging boxes, no schlepping them to your home, taping them together and then cutting them apart and schlepping them to recycling. "