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Meet the Intern...

FrogBox was pleased to be approached by SFU Continuing Studies to employ an intern from their Digital Communications Certificate program. http://www.sfu.ca/content/sfu/continuing-studies/programs/digital-communications-certificate/overview.html

Welcome Meghan!

Not only is Meghan a digital media whizz but she is also a past customer of FrogBox! Check out Meghan's blog entry on why she chose FrogBox for her move and internship!

How did you hear about us?

I was first introduced to FrogBox through Dragons' Den. After 13 stressful moves in 10 years, I saw the FrogBox truck parked at the end of my street. I visited the website and was impressed not only on how convenient it was, but also how affordable.

What made you decide to use FrogBox over alternatives? 

Convenience – The stress of moving is crazy enough. Using FrogBox moving boxes is a no brainer, it’s completely hassle free. The main benefit for me was that I didn’t need to leave either pad. Someone was going to drop off the boxes, and pick them up on the other side of my move, win/win

No need for bin diving – In my younger years, I didn’t mind running around to my local liquor/grocery stores, and occasionally jumping into a garbage bin in search of the perfect box…but as I get older, the tradeoff of time and convenience is worth something. 

Nothing worse than soggy boxes- FrogBoxes are well made and very durable. They can handle the elements: Wind, Rain, Sleet or Snow.

Organized move –  FrogBox wardrobe boxes took the hassle-out of moving my clothes. (I despise ironing). Very few things in life can enrage me more than moving/packing tape and dispensers. FrogBoxES stay closed, and for added security boxes can be tied down via a zip tie. 

Motivation – Even though I knew I could extend my rental period at any time I appreciated the motivation to get everything unpacked on the other side of my move by booking my pick up date. 

Frogs – Who doesn’t like frogs? The company donates 1% of gross revenues to frogs. Quirky, but lured me to trying it. 

Movers save time, thereby save you money! – You pay movers by the hour, so why not give them the tools to work more efficiently? The boxes are durable so they can be stacked easily, and since they’re a uniform shape it makes for easy loading and unloading.

Why did you choose to Intern at FrogBox?

FrogBox is a Vancouver brainchild that continues to grow throughout North America. The company is based on a simple, well-executed idea, which fulfils customer’s needs during one of the most stressful times in their lives. It’s a fun, customer-centric company, offering a practical product, strong customer service, and I want to help spread the word. 

Thanks Meghan, we're hoppy to have you at FrogBox HQ!

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