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Vancouver's Bloggingfrog and Our Social Fabric

Added by mathieson | 2nd November 2011 | packed into Vancouver Moving Supplies in Fraser Valley, Vancouver

Howdy Vancouver FrogBoxers. As we’ve grown over the last year, our corporate frogblog has had to expand its scope to share the spotlight across all our locations. And that’s awesome, but we wanted to reinstate a local voice focused on sharing the local stuff. We'll highlight some of our local partnerships with some guest blogging in the coming months. Here we go, Vancouver’s bloggingfrog at your service...

Our Social Fabric (OSF) is a local non-profit initiative dedicated to reusing and recycling textiles. Last month we struck a deal with OSF to help them house their large stock of new and secondhand fabrics. OSF’s mission is very simple: to divert textiles from going into landfills. They receive donations of all sorts of textiles, some from companies like MEC and Lululemon, and hold monthly (or so) sales to get that fabric into the hands of creative folks who can reuse it. They’ve got fabrics of all kinds and colours: shiny, woolly, flowery, stretchy, sheer, comfy, durable, smooth, rough you name it! FrogBox is sharing some space with OSF that will allow them to hold their sales and store their goods in the same place, upstairs at our office/warehouse at 1631 Powell St. Their old spot in a storage unit made that kind of difficult and all we had to do was reorganize some moving boxes. The next sale is tentatively set for Saturday, November 19 but follow them on the facebook or find them at http://www.oursocialfabric.org/ to be sure.

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