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Tips for a Greener Holiday

The holiday season is here! And while all of us at FrogBox are very excited for the festivities with friends and family, we’ve also taken a moment to make a list (and, yes, we’ve checked it twice). There's lots of ways to enjoy all the goodness of the season without creating all the waste, so here’s our list of tips for a sustainable, eco-friendly holiday:

Changes in Attitude: Awesome Events which mark Environmental Progress in 2014!

Global Climate Change

Global warming is serious stuff. And its got the world's attention. Most of us have heard the bad news that goes along with climate change: rising sea levels, extreme weather, greater flood risks, and changes to crop yields.

There are FROGBOX moving boxes in that PODS container!

PODS Container

Well, maybe not that particular PODS container - but now that PODS has selected FROGBOX to provide reusable moving boxes and eco-friendly moving supplies to its customers in Canada, you're going to start seeing them together more.

So how does it work? PODS customers in Halifax, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver and their surrounding areas, can now order directly from the PODS website. From there, FrogBox takes over and delivers sturdy plastic moving boxes, reusable wardrobes, and eco-friendly moving supplies to their door. 

They'll be able to get the most out of their PODS container, because FROGBOXES are sturdy and stack more securely than cardboard moving boxes. Sounds great, right? Plus they'll save a lot of time using FrogBox moving boxes, since they won't need to worry about building, taping, tearing apart, and disposing of cardboard boxes.

How to Pack the Hard-to-Pack Stuff

Hard to Pack Item: Fish in a Bowl

We know you’ve probably got a handle on packing basics (for a quick refresher, check out this post!), and have got your packing materials, labels, and sturdy and stackable FrogBoxES ready to go! But not everything fits into a moving box.

Here, we’ve put together a list of items that deserve special attention, and suggestions on how to pack them with extra care. With a bit of planning and the right supplies you’ll be able to move these trickier items with ease.

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