About Us

Our Mission is to minimize the stress of moving
on our customers and the Earth.

Frogbox eco-friendly frog carrying moving box

1% to Frogs

FrogBox donates 1% of gross revenues to frog habitat restoration. Frogs are the most threatened vertebrate group on Earth, with nearly one-third of the world’s 6,468 amphibian species in danger. At their current rate, frogs are disappearing faster than dinosaurs did.

Certain frog species in the Pacific Northwest are at high risk of becoming extinct, such as the Oregon spotted frog. FrogBox will participate with different active organizations in the Pacific Northwest to help preserve these perishing amphibians.

Frogs are an indicator species. FrogBox believes that we should all encourage change to help protect and restore the livelihood of frogs in our own backyard. Wetlands are an important part of our eco system and provide a number of benefits besides habitat for frogs and other amphibians. 

Here are some local and national groups devoted to frog habit restoration projects: